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INTRODUCING iBar – The World’s First Virtual Bar – All Drinks on the Cloud

INTRODUCING iBar – The World’s First Virtual Bar – All Drinks on the Cloud


kuroz, a revolutionary cashless mobile app for dining-in, is changing how people ORDER and PAY at over 100 F&B outlets in Singapore. kuroz is working hard to be the world’s largest virtual food and beverage provider, right through their AI (Artificial Intelligence) powered user intuitive mobile app.

iBar – the world’s first virtual bar, enables users to pre-pay for favorite drinks (beer, cocktails, spirits, coffee, juices etc.) packages at enormous discounts (up to 80%), and consume at any of the participating outlets over a period of time.

For example, users can buy a package of 10 pints of beer or a premium whiskey and create a virtual bar. The items purchased by the user are stored in a virtual bar on the app. At their convenience, users can now consume 1 or more unit(s) from the package and the walk out without paying anything at the participating outlets. The app will immediately reflect a reduction in the unit from the users drinks package. 

“Our goal is plain and simple: to enhance customer experience by simplifying the ordering, billing, and payment processing for the greater F&B industry,” said Kamlesh Kalwar Founder of kuroz. “Through curated F&B partners we offer personalized deals and discounts that will complement every kind of cuisine/drink preference.”

“Using the app, we are able to engage with today’s tech savvy customers, improve operational productivity, increase revenue, and enhance customer experience in a way that is not possible before. This feels like the Amazon Go experience for F&B industry. With their Just Walk Out Dining Experience, simply use the kuroz app, order your food/drinks, and enjoy the experience! No Wait for ORDERING, No Wait for PAYMENTS. (No, seriously.)” said one of the leading merchants on the kuroz platform

“Dining out is about making memories, bonding over drinks, meals, and sharing in experiences that bring everyone closer together said Kamlesh. “That’s exactly what we had in mind when we made kuroz and iBar – now, people can do just that. Spread the word on the official launch of our app.”

kuroz is free for LIFETIME for its first FEW customers. So HURRY and Download NOW. Use the VIP voucher  “HAPPY” to get CREDITS on registration

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/I3jCvONYG88

For more information, visit: http://mykuroz.com

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